Announcing the Citizen Cyberlab Summit, Geneva 17-18 September 2015

The Mont-Blanc from the villa

The three-year Citizen Cyberlab project, dedicated to studying learning and creativity in Citizen Cyberscience, is coming to its conclusion this year. To present the results of the project, as well as hear about related results from some leading experts in the field of learning and citizen science, a Citizen Cyberlab Summit is being held on 17-18 September in an idyllic location: the 19th century Villa Rive-Belle on the shores of Lake Geneva, which houses the University of Geneva’s Confucius Institute. This event, which is by invitation only, will also result in a Proceedings on the theme of “Creativity and Learning in Human Computation” to be published in the journal Human Computation. (Image: view of Mont Blanc from the site of the Summit)


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